Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) Organisation owned by broadcasters and advertisers providing data on linear and online television viewing statistics by UK households.
Catch up viewing  Non-live viewing of recently broadcast television programmes, either via a recording device (often called a PVR or DTR) such as Sky+ or through a Video on Demand service such as the ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, All 4 or Demand 5.
Channel 3 licences  The 15 regional licences and one national licence awarded to transmit Channel 3 across the UK. All are owned by ITV with the exception of two of the regional licences, which are owned by STV.
Contract Rights Renewal (CRR)  The remedy agreed by Carlton and Granada in 2003 as a pre-condition of the merger, which governs the way in which ITV airtime is sold by ITV to its advertising customers.
Digital switchover Termination in 2012 of the analogue terrestrial television signal. BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 were broadcast in analogue.
Free-to-Air (FTA) television 

Viewing of television through devices not requiring a subscription such as the Freeview or Freesat services.

High Definition (HD)  Channels or services broadcast in substantially higher resolution than standard, providing improved picture quality.
Impact or Commercial Impact  One Commercial Impact is defined as one viewer watching one 30-second television commercial.
ITV Family  The ITV Family of channels which includes ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, CITV, ITV Breakfast, CITV Breakfast and all associated +1 and HD equivalents. Viewing figures include the whole of the ITV network. Revenue figures include only ITV plc operated regions.
Long form video views  Video views are a measure of the total number of videos viewed across all platforms (such as, Virgin and mobile devices). A long form video is a programme that has been broadcast on television and is available to watch online and on demand in its entirety.
Media sales Commission earned by ITV plc on sales of airtime on behalf of the non-consolidated licensees.
Net Advertising Revenues (NAR)  The amount of money received by a broadcaster as payment for television spot advertising net of any commission paid to agencies.
Network Programme Budget (NPB)  The budget spent on programming broadcast on the ITV channel, excluding spend on regional programming and ITV Breakfast.
Non-consolidated licensees  The three regional channel 3 licences which ITV plc does not own. These licences are owned by STV and UTV and revenues received from these licences for ITV programming content are referred to as minority revenues.
Non-NAR revenues  Non-NAR revenues includes all ITV revenues, both internal and external, except net advertising revenues (NAR). This includes inter-segment revenues from the sale of ITV Studios shows to the ITV Network.
Non-spot advertising revenues  Advertising revenues received for services other than traditional television commercials. Includes sponsorship and product placement revenues.
Ofcom The regulator established to govern UK broadcasting as well as other areas of the media and telephony industry.
Premium Rate Services (PRS)  Revenue generated from votes and competitions run on broadcast content.
Product placement  The inclusion of, or reference to, a product or service within a programme in return for payment or other valuable consideration to the programme maker or broadcaster.
SDN Multiplex operator owned by ITV plc which operates one of the six digital terrestrial multiplex licences in the UK that make up Freeview.
Share of Broadcast (SOB)  ITV’s share of UK television advertising revenues (NAR), a measure of market share.
Share of Commercial Impacts (SOCI)  The term used to define the share of total UK television commercial impacts which is delivered by one channel or group of channels. This measure excludes viewing of BBC channels as they do not generate commercial impacts. Unless stated otherwise, SOCI figures cited throughout this report are based on BARB data and are based on the universe of Adults (16+).
Share of Viewing (SOV)  The share of the total viewing audience during a defined period gained by a programme or channel. This measure includes viewing of BBC channels. Unless stated otherwise, SOV figures cited throughout this report are based on BARB data and are based on the universe of Individuals.
Sub-demographics  Subsets of individuals used for measuring particular audience types. For example, men, women, 16 to 34 year olds and housewives.
Total Value exploitation  Approach to commissioning and brand exploitation adopted by ITV which intends to maximise the lifetime revenues from our strongest brands.
Video on Demand (VOD)  The ability to deliver video content to a customer’s television set, computer or device when the customer requests it.
YouView A joint venture (with the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, British Telecom, TalkTalk, and Arqiva) to operate and promote a hybrid TV platform combining Freeview channels with catch up and on demand services. The YouView joint venture will set standards for the device, operate the user interface and back end services and promote the YouView brand. The joint venture will not manufacture or sell set-boxes directly and will not own or control content.