Debt IR

Frequently Asked Questions


What listed Bonds do you have outstanding?

£160.6m Euro bond due January 2017   6.125%
€600m Euro bond due September 2022 2.125%
€500m Euro bond due December 2023 2.000%


Which bonds have change of control clauses and coupon step-ups?

  Change of control clause Coupon Step-Up
£160.6m Euro bond due January 2017
€600m Euro bond due September 2022
€500m Eurobond due December 2023


What bank facilities do you have outstanding?

£525m Revolving Credit Facility to April 2019

£300m bilateral financing facility to June 2021


Ratings & Rating Agency Press Releases

Moody's Baa3 (stable outlook)

Standard & Poor's: BBB- (positive outlook) 


Bond Listing Particulars

ITV plc Euro Medium Term Note Programme Base Prospectus - August 2006 

£250m January 2017 Bond Final Terms - 3 October 2006

€600m September 2022 Bond Prospectus - 21 September 2015

€500m December 2023 Bond Prospectus - 1 December 2016