Financial information

When is the next ITV AGM?

For information about ITV AGMs please visit the AGM section of our website.

What happens at an AGM?

As a shareholder, the AGM is your opportunity to become directly involved in certain company decisions. You will be asked to vote (either in person or by poll) on important matters and you may also ask the Board of Directors questions.

What should I do if I am unable to attend the AGM?

If you are unable to attend the AGM in person you may still cast your vote on all the resolutions, by completing and returning the proxy form. Alternatively, you can vote electronically using the link provided in the AGM section of the website. Casting your vote by proxy will not prevent you from attending and voting at the AGM.

When will ITV report the next set of financial results?

ITV reports twice a year with announcements covering the six months to 30 June in late July and the full year to 31 December in late February/early March. ITV also publishes Trading Updates in May and November each year. For key dates please visit the financial calendar.

When does ITV report its financial results?

ITV’s financial year is the calendar year up to and including 31 December. Annual results for the financial year are announced in late February/early March of the following year. In addition, ITV reports interim results for the 6 months to 30 June each year in late July.

As an alternative to paper copies, can I receive the ITV Annual Report on-line?

Yes, you can view the latest Annual Report & Accounts and previous copies by visiting the Reports and results section of the website.

How can I receive hard copies of ITV financial information and annual reports?

If you still require hard copies of the Annual Report & Accounts after viewing it online you can register to use the Capita Share Portal where you can set your preference to receive hard copies by post under the Ecommuniations section of Update your Details. You can also request a hard copy of the report from the Company Secretary.

Can I elect to receive Shareholder communications electronically?

Yes, you can register your preference to receive shareholder communications electronically by registering to use the Capita Share Portal and setting your preference to receive notification by email via the eComms service under the Ecommunications section of Update your Details. You can also stay up to date with news relating to ITV plc by visiting the News section of our website and registering your email address to receive updates.


Does ITV pay a cash dividend on ordinary shares?

The ex-dividend, record and payment dates are posted in the Financial Calendar when they become available.

When will I receive the next dividend?

When formally announced dividend payment dates can be found in the Financial Calendar.

What is the dividend record date?

The dividend record date is the date that the Registrar refers to the register of members to prepare the dividend payment. A shareholding must be registered on this date to receive the dividend. The record date for the latest dividend can be found in the Financial Calendar.

The ex-dividend date is a specific date after which buyers are no longer entitled to receive the last declared dividend. This is known as going ‘ex-dividend’ and before this date the shares are said to be ‘cum-dividend’. If you buy shares before the ex-dividend date, you are entitled to the recently declared dividend. If you buy shares on or after that date, the previous owner of the shares (and not you) is entitled to the dividend. The ex-dividend date for the latest dividend can be found in the financial calendar.

Is it possible to pay my dividends directly into my bank account?

Yes it is possible to have dividends paid directly into your bank account. To initiate this form of payment please register to use the Capita Share Portal where you will be able to change your dividend mandate instructions or contact our Registrar.

If I receive dividends directly to my bank account who should I contact if I change my address?

Please contact our Registrar with any change of address details.

Can I take my ordinary dividend in shares?

Our Registrar operates a Dividend Reinvestment Plan to provide UK shareholders with a facility to invest cash dividends by purchasing further ITV shares. Please contact our Registrar to obtain additional information on this option.

Who should I contact if I have not received my dividend cheque?

Please contact our Registrar who will be able to confirm payment details and, where appropriate, issue another cheque. Through our Registrar you may also arrange to have dividends paid directly into your bank account to avoid this problem in the future.

Where can I find information on historic dividend payments?

Historic dividend payment information can be found on the Dividend page of our website.

ITV ordinary shares

What do I need to do if I have an enquiry relating to my shareholding regarding, for example, transfers of shares, change of name or address, or lost share certificates or dividend cheques?

Please contact our Registrar for any enquiries you have about your shares.

Where can I find information on the historic ITV ordinary share price?

Please visit the Share Price section of our website to view historic share price information for ordinary shares. This section of the website also enables comparison of the ITV share price to a variety of indices.

How can I buy or sell ITV ordinary shares?

ITV’s ordinary shares may be bought or sold through a share dealing service or stockbroker.

Our registrars provide an online and telephone dealing service. Visit or telephone 0871 664 0364 (calls cost 10 pence per minute plus network charges. Lines are open 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday).

I am unsure how many ITV shares I now hold; how can I find out these details?

Our Registrar can provide you with information about the current value of your shareholding, shareholding details and share transaction history. Alternatively, you can access this information online by visiting the Capita Share Portal where you can also view your portfolio, change registration details, vote by proxy and register an email address to receive future shareholder communications and reports via the Internet rather than by post.

What happens if an ITV shareholder has passed away?

Please inform our Registrar by sending a copy of the death certificate together with a certified copy of the Grant of Representation. The name of the deceased’s personal representative will be substituted on the share register while the estate is finalised.

Further information in connection with obtaining a UK Grant of Representation may be obtained from the following address:

Principal Registry
Family Division
2nd Floor
Somerset House
London WC2R 1LP

Tel: 020 7947 6939

Can I donate my ITV shares to charity?

ShareGift is a charity share donation scheme for shareholders who may wish to dispose of a small quantity of shares where the market value makes it uneconomic to sell on a commission basis. Further information about ShareGift can be found on the Shareholder information section of our website.

Does ITV have an environmental report?

ITV produces an annual Corporate Responsibility Report, please visit the Responsibility section for further information.