About ITV

What we do

ITV, as an integrated producer broadcaster, creates, owns and distributes high-quality content on multiple platforms.

ITV total revenue (inc. internal revenue): •	Broadcast & Online£2,132m, •	ITV Studios£1,395m ITV adjusted ebita: Broadcast & Online£642m, ITV Studios£243m

Broadcast & Online

47.4% largest share of the UK TV advertising market 21.4% share of viewing for the ITV Family in 2016 17m registered users of the ITV Hub

We operate the largest commercial family of channels in the UK and deliver our content through traditional television broadcasting as well as on demand via the ITV Hub.

ITV broadcasts a wide variety of content on its family of free-to-air channels.

Our investment in programming is primarily funded by television advertising revenue.

ITV has the largest share of the UK television advertising market, and we estimate that this share of broadcast (SOB) is 47.4% in 2016.

The family of channels attracted a total share of viewing (SOV) of 21.4% in 2016, the largest audience of any UK commercial broadcaster.

Our main channel is the largest commercial channel in the UK, delivering 99% of all commercial audiences over five million.


Our free-to-air digital channels provide more targeted demographics for advertisers such as 16-34’s, ABC1 Men and Housewives with Children, and consist of ITV2 and ITV3, the two largest digital channels in the UK, and ITV4, CITV and ITVBe.

itv2 itv3 itv4 Citv itvBe

We also have high definition versions of our digital channels available on pay platforms along with ITV Encore, our pay only channel available exclusively on Sky.

itv encore

In addition to linear broadcast, ITV delivers its content across multiple platforms. This is either through our over-the-top (OTT) service the ITV Hub, available on 27 platforms including ITV’s website (itv.com), pay providers such as Virgin and Sky, or through direct content deals with services such as Amazon, Apple iTunes and Netflix.

The itv hub

We are partnering with the BBC to launch a new Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service in the US during 2017. The streaming service will allow subscribers to access the best of British television.

britbox: powered by BBC & itv

ITV Studios

60 Production labels in 10 different countries supplying over 234 channels
7,800 hours of original content produced and delivered in 2016 80 formats sold in 2016

We have built significant scale in key creative markets around the world, creating and producing programmes and formats that return and travel, namely drama, entertainment and factual entertainment.

ITV Studios creates and produces content in the UK and internationally, while our distribution business, Global Entertainment, sells finished programmes and formats worldwide.

ITV Studios UK

ITV Studios UK is the largest commercial producer in the UK. We produce programming across a diverse range of genres such as drama, entertainment and factual for ITV’s own channels, as well as for other UK broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky.

ITV America

ITV America is the largest unscripted independent producer of content in the US. We have acquired a number of unscripted and reality producers and have grown our presence in scripted content, using our strong cash flows to produce high-profile dramas with the potential to travel and build international appeal.

ITV Studios Rest of World

ITV Studios also operates in the Netherlands (through Talpa Media), Germany, France, Australia and the Nordics. Talpa produces and distributes entertainment formats while the other bases produce content for local broadcasters in these regions. This content is either created locally or are formats that have been created elsewhere by ITV, primarily the UK and Talpa.

Global Entertainment

Global Entertainment, ITV’s distribution business, owns the rights to ITV programmes and formats and acquires third-party content and distributes this to other broadcasters and platforms internationally. Within this business we also finance productions both on and off-ITV to acquire global distribution rights.